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Ok.  We all know that’s not true.  If I had too much time on my hands, I would actually blog every once in a while.  Instead, I abandon my blog because I would rather sleep when I’m not working 40+ hours a week or in school 5 days a week.  But I liked the title and thought it fit with what I want to say.  The time change…  I (like most people) love and adore the fact that I now get an extra hour of sleep each day.  This past weekend I got to spend an extra hour out on the town with friends because of the time change and had a great time!  However, the not fun part…  Changing my clocks.  What a pain in the butt!

My cellphone and TV automatically change.  I had to change the clock next to my bed and in my car manually.  No big deal, right?  Well.  I’m a self-professed watch addict.  I have yet to see a watch I don’t love and when that happens I like to purchase them.  So now for the difficult part.  I have to now change all of these to the new time for the next 6 months before I have to change them all back.

Issues as a watch-addict

Do you have problems with the time change too or is it easier for you to adapt than me?

Come back tomorrow for another Trendy Tuesday!  That’s right, I’m planning on blogging two days in a row!!



(*I wrote this forever ago and just realized it never posted.  But since we are still in the early days of “back to school” I think it still fits*)

Hi Guys and Gals!!

I know, I know…  I said I was going to pull the plug on this blog.  But I just couldn’t do it!!  I feel like it is my baby and I just couldn’t end it after all.  During my little hiatus I realized that I actually enjoyed and missed blogging about my fashion thoughts.  So I’m back.

And just in time for What I Want Wednesday.  Today is a special “Back-to-School” edition.  Now, I realize that being in college I don’t necessarily need/get back to school clothes.  However, I was homeschooled until my sophomore year of high school and when you go to school in your pajamas it is really hard to convince the parentals to buy you new clothes.  So I am taking full advantage of that now.  Since I head back to school on Monday, here are some of the items I plan on adding to my back to school wardrobe.

The yellow sweater and denim shirt I found at Target and fell in love with them both!  I already have so many outfit ideas for both of them and they are a must add.

Khaki pants.  I don’t exactly love khaki pants but I don’t own a pair and I do think it is a good basic to have around.

The gold watch.  I have posted before about wanting a watch like this.  Originally I wanted a Michael Kors watch and the one posted above is Coach.  I probably cannot afford name brand right now, but I did find one that is an inexpensive version that I will be putting on my wrist very soon.

I also talked about my wanting of the Sperry shoes and cannot wait to purchase a pair of those.  As well as a pair of tennis shoes.  I don’t know that I will get those exact shoes (or even that brand) but I want a pair of tennis shoes that aren’t for working out.  I want a cute, fashionable pair to wear while running around on campus.

There are a few other items I want to get from the campus bookstore and if I get those, I will post pictures.  That’s it for today.  Good luck to everyone going back to school in the upcoming weeks!  What are you wearing for your first day??



…  To be on time for once!!  Geeze, I missed What I Want Wednesday again.  But in my defense, my baby brother was performing in his very first stand up comedy show yesterday so I was busy all day getting things done so I could go and watch him.

So I’m a little late.  It doesn’t change the fact that I do still want every single one of these items.  I found them all while shopping this past weekend.  I almost purchased everything I am about to post here, but decided to hold back and wait a few days before buying everything.

Without further ado…

I want this skirt.  I will have to try it on because I have never worn a mini skirt before and the thought is really intimidating.  Who knows, maybe I will put this skirt on and absolutely hate it, but when I see it laying on the display in store, I LOVE it!

I also want this top.  I was very, very close to buying this over the weekend.  It was on the clearance $5 rack but I had a sneaky feeling it wasn’t supposed to be.  So before standing in line forever and then finding out it wasn’t on sale, I asked an employee if they could check.  It wasn’t, I put it back to buy at a later date and have not stopped thinking of it since.

This was the original blazer that I saw in the store.  I thought it was super cute and that it would look great over a light, summery dress for brunch or another fun moment like that.  After looking at it more on the website though I’m not sure.  This would be another one I have to try on; I don’t usually like cropped tops on myself.  I do definitely want a blazer though…  Maybe I could do this one instead.

The final item I am wanting today is a pair of fabulous red sunglasses from Fossil.  I can’t find any pictures of them online, so I guess that is even more reason to just buy them, so I can show you all how cute they are.  (Sunglasses are almost as bad an obsession as watches for me…  Speaking of watches, I found a watch I want too!)

Because the Charlotte Russe website isn’t allowing me to post the pictures of the items like I wanted, I posted links instead…  But because Polyvore is awesome, I’m able to create a look involving all of the above mentioned pieces.

What I Want Wednesday
What I Want Wednesday by mashy087 featuring dolman sleeve tops

Charlotte Russe satin jacket

Charlotte Russe satin jacket

Charlotte Russe cotton skirt

Charlotte Russe cotton skirt
A couple housekeeping tidbits before I go.  I am planning on doing an update to the blog this weekend, so keep an eye out for that as well as my thoughts on the latest episode of Project Runway.
Also, we are only 5 followers away from a giveaway!  So keep an eye out for that as well, hopefully there will be news on that very soon.

Looky, looky!  It’s Wednesday and I am here posting my latest “What I Want Wednesday.” Usually I remember it’s Wednesday on Thursday or Friday…  I’m a bad blogger.  Nevertheless, I am here now and ready to go.  The items I am wanting this week?  Accessories.  First up, watches.

I LOVE watches.  I already own five and am constantly on the lookout to add more to my collection.  I have no idea why I like watches so much, it’s just a fact.  Here are the ones I am hoping to add to my collection very soon.




The other item I am craving today is a Michael Kors purse.  I’m not sure as to the exact style that I want, I just know that I love his purses.  They are not only beautiful but they are simple and not covered in logos telling people what brand purse I am carrying.  They are almost all a gorgeous neutral that would go with anything and I want one badly.


There are my items I would love to add to my collection.  What do you want?



I have decided to start a new segment on the blog, What I Want Wednesday.  Basically I will just keep a running list of things I hope to add to my wardrobe or beauty stash.  Some weeks I may have a lot of items, some weeks I may just have one item.  I find these things either walking through stores, looking through magazines or while watching TV.  So for the first installment, here is what I am wanting today, along with links in case you were interested in adding any of these items to your own collection.  Apparently I am in a Target frame of mind because all of my wanted items are from that store.

The first is a strapless maxi dress.  The picture doesn’t quite do it justice.  I have gone to see it in the stores twice and I am in love with it to be honest.  It looks like the perfect summertime dress.  You can wear it out on the beach, for a day of shopping or dress it up a little bit for date night.

Next up we have a neon hoodie.  Again, the pictures do not do it justice.  The color on this is a great yellow-green color that would look great against a tan for summer.  It is light enough to wear when the night temperatures drop down a little bit or for the occasional cooler day.  And it also comes in other colors if this bright neon isn’t exactly your taste.

Digital watch.  This is not actually the version I have seen in stores, but I can’t seem to find that one online anywhere.  Basically I am looking for a cute, digital watch that I can wear while at the gym.  It would be so helpful to know what time it is, how long I have been working out and have the ability to have a stopwatch at easy access.

Finally the nude heels.  I have been wanting a pair of nude colored heels for so long.  They are able to go with just about any outfit and they have the ability to make your legs look like the go on forever, always a plus in my book.  The other day while shopping, I found these and they match my skin perfectly and now I need want them!  Plus I just noticed that when you purchase online, you can buy one and get one 50% off.  I may have to just do that when I go to get these shoes.

There is my list for today.  What kind of things are you wanting?  Feel free to add your own wishlist in the comments section below!



Time for another outfit set.  Today I have been feeling very lazy (even though I have actually been pretty productive and gotten things done) so decided to “dress” the way I felt.  It is actually a nice day here so I went with the tank top and yoga pants, but you never know when our weather will just up and change without warning, so I added a jacket as well.  The cross-body bag is great to just throw over your shoulder and run errands plus it is big enough to fill with notebooks (I am in finals mode at school).  I am addicted to watches and think that a great watch can instantly update any outfit and make it fun.



Casual Monday
Casual Monday by mashy087 featuring rubber jewelry

Abercrombie Fitch yoga activewear
$30 –

Victoria s secret
$25 –

Converse sneaker
£63 –

Fat Face leather handbag
£42 –

Adidas watch
$115 –

Chain link necklace
$17 –

Rubber jewelry
$4.50 –