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I, like most of the world, watched the Opening Ceremonies tonight for the 2012 Summer Olympics.  This is an event I look forward to like most kids look forward to Christmas.  I don’t know what it is, but there is something special and almost magical about this time of year for me.  I hope to one day experience it all in person.  I don’t know if it is from writing this blog or some other reason, but I found myself focused on the fashions from each country while they marched around the stadium.  Some of the outfits were more costumey than others but some were clothing styles that I actually enjoyed.  Below I have added some of my best and most interesting looks from the evening.


I thought Australia looked very snazzy in the green blazers and white pants.  Not a huge fan of the women’s skirts; I feel they look like flight attendants and not world class athletes, but the men looked quite good in my opinion.


The USA was another group that I thought looked really good.  Same concept as the Australian team but the jackets seem a little more formal.  The women’s skirts have a cuter design and flow to them though and don’t seem as stiff as Australia’s.  I could have done without the hats.


I really enjoyed the look of the home country, Great Britain.  The warm ups looked great and the athletes seemed comfortable and happy while wearing them.  I love the white with gold trim, I think it just looks so clean and fresh.

I also liked the outfits worn by the Serbian team, but have been unable to find pictures of them.  If I find any in the next few days I will post a picture.

Now for the outfits that I didn’t quite enjoy…


Don’t get me wrong, this is a cute look…  for young children.  There’s just something about a group of adults wearing this that makes it seem odd.  I told my friend that they all look straight out of “Blues Clues” (for those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a TV show for young kids with a guy and his cartoon dog, Blue).


Do we see the resemblance?

Again, there were other teams that I didn’t quite love their outfits but they were smaller countries and I haven’t been able to find pictures online as of yet.  I was also quite interested to see what Princess Kate wore, but wasn’t able to get a good shot of it during the ceremonies, I will have to look that up as well.

I found a “best and worst dressed” article from the Opening Ceremonies and for the most part, I totally agree with the author.  As you can see, we disagree over a couple countries but everyone has their own opinion, right?  I completely forgot about their number 1 best dressed country though and I have to say, I totally agree!!  Check it out and see for yourself :  Best and Worst Dressed

Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies?  Were there any particular styles that stuck out to you?

Photo Credits:  12345

Back in the June issue of they had an article called What a Classic!  It lists out the 15 tried-and-true favorites needed to complete your summer wardrobe.  These articles are always hugely inspiring and helpful to me when trying to figure out what I need to have in my closet.  Listed below the 15 items.

1. Striped Sweater – Make sure the sweater you choose is lightweight in case of chilly evenings.

2.  White Shorts – Works best with a long-sleeve t-shirt and flats or a shirt and wedges.

3.  Ballet Flats – Bright colors are perfect for fall.

4.  Chambray Shirt – Wearing it open over a bathing suit and sarong equals instant, effortless cool.

5.  Floral Maxi-Dress – Perfect paired with wedges.

6.  Polo Shirt

7.  Menswear Hat (Have) – Laid back look perfect for summer (Side note:  I have a large sized head and usually have a hard time shopping for hats in the women’s sections but I have found that men’s hats are the perfect size!)

8.  White Jeans (Have) – Instyle says that cropped is the cutest but I think any length white pant looks fresh and perfect for summer.

9.  Peasant Dress – Perfect for travel and a day on the beach.

10.  Polka-Dot Bikini – I mean there was even a song written about this!  (Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Tiny, Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini)

11.  Crochet Dress – Great for lounging by the pool, going to the farmer’s market or playing at the park.

12.  Oversize Frames (Have) – I mentioned back here that I wanted thin framed sunnies to lessen my raccoon eyes but I still absolutely love a pair of oversize frames.

13.  White One-Piece – I don’t love one piece bathing suits but something about this does look very fresh and summery.

14.  Striped Tank (Have) – Pair it with a miniskirt or jean shorts for a light, fresh look.

15.  Embroidered Tunic

What are some of your wardrobe essentials?  Anything you would add or subtract to this list?  How many items do you already own?



15 Summer Wardrobe Essentials
15 Summer Wardrobe Essentials by mashy087 featuring oversized sunglasses

It is hot out today, 83 degrees!  That might not sound that bad but it is hot and humid.  The kind of day where you want to wear as few clothes as possible and do as little as possible just to stay cool.  Since I don’t live in area that approves of public nudity, I put together an outfit that I think could work.  Very little to it and the colors make me think of a cool, breezy day on the beach.



Beachy Blues
Beachy Blues by mashy087 featuring prada sunglasses

Elizabeth and James racerback tank
$295 –

90 PLN –

Oasis flat sandals
$40 –

Wallis summer handbag
$49 –

Michael Kors hoop earrings
$45 –

$15 –

Prada sunglasses
$287 –

Straw hat

I have decided to try and make a daily outfit set on Polyvore to post on here.  I think that site is so much fun and a really great way to develop my fashion sense and style.  So for the first set, I made a fun summer time outfit that would be perfect for a day at the park or going to a baseball game.  Enjoy!



Summer Afternoon Fun
Summer Afternoon Fun by mashy087 featuring a yellow bag