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(*I wrote this forever ago and just realized it never posted.  But since we are still in the early days of “back to school” I think it still fits*)

Hi Guys and Gals!!

I know, I know…  I said I was going to pull the plug on this blog.  But I just couldn’t do it!!  I feel like it is my baby and I just couldn’t end it after all.  During my little hiatus I realized that I actually enjoyed and missed blogging about my fashion thoughts.  So I’m back.

And just in time for What I Want Wednesday.  Today is a special “Back-to-School” edition.  Now, I realize that being in college I don’t necessarily need/get back to school clothes.  However, I was homeschooled until my sophomore year of high school and when you go to school in your pajamas it is really hard to convince the parentals to buy you new clothes.  So I am taking full advantage of that now.  Since I head back to school on Monday, here are some of the items I plan on adding to my back to school wardrobe.

The yellow sweater and denim shirt I found at Target and fell in love with them both!  I already have so many outfit ideas for both of them and they are a must add.

Khaki pants.  I don’t exactly love khaki pants but I don’t own a pair and I do think it is a good basic to have around.

The gold watch.  I have posted before about wanting a watch like this.  Originally I wanted a Michael Kors watch and the one posted above is Coach.  I probably cannot afford name brand right now, but I did find one that is an inexpensive version that I will be putting on my wrist very soon.

I also talked about my wanting of the Sperry shoes and cannot wait to purchase a pair of those.  As well as a pair of tennis shoes.  I don’t know that I will get those exact shoes (or even that brand) but I want a pair of tennis shoes that aren’t for working out.  I want a cute, fashionable pair to wear while running around on campus.

There are a few other items I want to get from the campus bookstore and if I get those, I will post pictures.  That’s it for today.  Good luck to everyone going back to school in the upcoming weeks!  What are you wearing for your first day??



Time for another segment of WIWW.  I have been away from home and therefore all my style and fashion magazines and websites so I don’t have as many to list out as last time, just a couple items that I am hoping to add to my summer wardrobe.

I am in love with the shirt from Old Navy.  Something about those shirts is so summery and makes me want to be out wearing shorts and flip flops and bbqing.  Plus the shirt is on sale right now!  Bonus!!

I am in desperate need of jeans.  I only have a couple pairs that fit the way I like right now and the other pairs I have are all falling apart.  Great to turn into shorts, but I need some jeans as well.  Express makes my absolute favorite jeans however at $88 a pair, it is a special occasion that I purchase those.

Sperry Topsiders…  I know these were popular last summer and this summer I haven’t really seen anyone wearing them yet this year.  But I am the type of person that waits until things are a little less insanely popular.  These go along with my Old Navy shirt.  Perfect for summer bbqs or boating.***7********9101940*M060&productId=7-134400&&subCatId=cat2050401&productId=7-134400&stockNumber=9101940&subCatTabId=cat100138DM&catId=cat90048DM&productdisplayName=Women’s+Angelfish+Slip-On+Boat+Shoe&subcatdisplayName=Top+Rated&skuId=***7********9101940*M060&pageIdentifier=productdetail&catdisplayName=Women&showDefaultOption=true

Finally the Tria Beauty laser hair removal system.  This isn’t exactly a piece of fashion but will definitely be helpful.  Having spent the entire weekend in a swimsuit I can say that it would be so nice to not have to worry about shaving or waxing before going out.  To be able to throw on a bathing suit and pair of shorts without worrying about being hair free would make summers that much more enjoyable.

What are you wanting to add to your summer wardrobe?