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I’m hoping to watch the Victoria Secret fashion show tonight sometime, I have to do a lot of studying for my final exams on Monday though to that may not happen on the exact timeline I would like, but I will still get to it.

I’m writing right now because there are some changes that I would like to incorporate to this blog.  Yes, I will still talk about fashion, beauty and shoes because I still love these things and they are a huge part of my life.  But I would also like to add some more lifestyle to my blog.  What did I do today?  The pictures from the trip to the park.  DIY crafty items I try (emphasis on the word try).  My attempts at actually completing Pinterest items I have pinned.

So yes, there will still be fashion pieces on here, but I’m going to evolve the blog as well.  I hope you stick around to see where this blog goes and enjoy the ride with me!



Rachel Zoe’s Shoe Collection

I was reading an interview with Britney Spears in my latest Lucky magazine and something she said struck me as odd.  She mentioned having a lot of shoes and when asked to elaborate on what she means by a lot she said, “like 50?”  Now, maybe she’s telling the truth but I have a hard time believing that.  After reading this, I got into my closet and counted my shoes.  I have 35 pairs in my closet at this second and that’s not counting all of my winter shoes up in the attic.  I’m guessing I have close to 45 pairs total.  Five less than Ms. Spears and I make a few dollars less than her a year.  I don’t know, maybe shoes aren’t her thing.  But they are definitely mine.  Always have been and (from the looks of things) always will be.

When I was younger and would get a new pair of shoes, we were impossible to separate.  I would literally go to sleep cuddling my new shoes.  My mom always said I was a young Imelda Marcos (she left behind at least 1220 pairs of shoes when she fled the Philippines during a 1986 uprising, you can go here to see more of her collection.).  Shoes make me happy.  You can use them to completely change an outfit, start conversations or put a pep in your step.  And it doesn’t matter if you are a size 2 or a size 22, you can find great shoes that will make you feel great about how you look that day.

Some of the shoes from the Imelda Marcos collection.

My mother just introduced me to the website  I know she meant well but I see bad things happening.  They have you answer a few short questions and then provide you with a style profile based on your answers and provide you with shoe options you might like.  I have already found a pair of boots I may (most definitely) have to add to my collection.  The website offers free shipping and easy returns if the fit is wrong or if you just decide you don’t want those shoes after all.  Right now they are having a BOGO deal going on plus when I signed up, I received a 25% off first purchase coupon.  Meaning those boots I have my eye on are now only $26!!

My beautiful boots!!

In addition to that, I received a DSW flyer in the mail today (does anyone else just die once they walk into those doors??) and for a purchase of at least $48, I can get a free python tote.  I’ve never wanted a python tote before but when I saw that, I decided I had to have it.  So hopefully they’re still around after my next paycheck  🙂

Am I the only one obsessed with shoes?  Are there others like me out there?  Tell me all about your love affair and what you do to supplement your shoe wardrobe.



I’m back from Las Vegas.  I definitely want to be back west enjoying the sunshine and the people watching, but duty calls and I have to get back to my real life.  Las Vegas is a fantastic place to sit and people watch and see new fashions; both the good, the bad and the “oh my goodness, who let you buy THAT?”  Basically it’s awesome and I highly recommend it 🙂

The trend that I am discussing today was not one that I saw while in Vegas, but it is more of the casual type and probably not great for dressier nights on the town.  I’m talking about the menswear inspired brogues.


I feel like this may be more of a difficult look to pull off and I have yet to decide if I will be following this trend or not.  I’m totally all for the menswear looks (boyfriend jeans, cardigans and converse sneakers are an ideal look for me) but these just seem very specific and I don’t know how often I would actually wear these.  However, they are highly on trend and can be found in many different places.

These are an option I found on Aldo.  These are only $50 and are available in the black color above or also a cognac color.  These are cute but I just don’t know that I personally could pull off; guess this style is just not for me.

Here’s another option if you want a little zing of color.  These are from DSW (a store that I could live in if they let me) and only $59.95.  Again, not positive if these are for me but I am slowly moving into the accepting direction.

And for one final look:

These beauties are from Nordstroms and I do enjoy the glittery, glitzy look.  I think these could be fun and the easiest of the looks for me to try and incorporate into my current wardrobe.  That figures since both the gold and black lace up shoes are the ones I like most and they are both $295.00…  I have expensive taste.

So is this a trend that you like and/or are already wearing?  Do you have any advice on how a newbie to this look can work it into her style?  Let me know how you would do it.



You’ve heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” yes?  Well this post has nothing to do with doctors.  But if I needed to have an apple a day, I would love to be able to choose from these apples:  Shabby Apple.  The clothes on this site are beautiful and I would happily indulge in one a day for my overall health.  I feel like the clothes offered here are all vintage-y with a modern twist.

If you haven’t checked out this site and what they have to offer, you totally should!  They offer everything from tops and skirts to dresses and swimwear and even have a maternity line.  They also offer accessories that include shoes, jewelry, bags, aprons and more.  Plus they have a section for the home meaning you can take the Shabby Apple look you love so much and apply it to your surroundings as well as your clothing.  They also offer style advice, call in customer service, free shipping on all returns and a “dress for your body type” link to know what will flatter your body most.

I love just about all of the items offered here but I think I found a favorite dress!  The I’m Late, I’m Late dress is absolutely gorgeous and I think I need it.  It is currently a pre-order item but it is definitely something I will be keeping my eye on.


If you find items you like and just have to add to your wardrobe, Shabby Apple is offering 10% off your entire order now until Sept. 14, 2012, all you have to do is enter the code:  favorite10 to get your discount.  So what are you waiting for??  Check them out now!  You can either click on the banner to the right of here —————————->  or click on this link to go to their page and start shopping.



Hola Readers!!

TGIT!  Can I get an “Amen?”  I know, most people are not usually over excited for Thursdays but I love them!  First of all, with my work schedule this is technically my Friday, after tonight I am done until Sunday night!  Plus, this is the one day during the week that I don’t go to school.  That’s right, I slept a full 8 hours this afternoon and it was fabulous!  So that is why Thursdays are near and dear to my heart.

Anyway… As promised, here is the postponed edition of What I Want Wednesday.  You may notice a large majority of the items coming from Target…  Hence the title.  I stopped in last week to pick up two shirts and came out with a shopping list including most of the items below and then some.

  Target Sweaters – First up are these two sweaters.  The pictures don’t really do them justice.  The first is a color blocked piece that is just too cute.  It is bright and cheery and a long way from the usual drab, colorless clothes I wear in the fall/winter seasons.  The second is actually a pretty shiny number with bits of gold showing through the grey, it is definitely much more appealing in person.


Target Jackets – Next up are the jackets and blazers.  Oh my lanta!  When I saw the sheer number of jackets along the back wall of Target I almost passed out.  It would seem that I have a weak spot for outerwear.  I love all of the bright colors from the orange blazer to the red leather jacket.  The yellow pea coat is too cute (although I am considering getting a green version instead…  Not sure yet which direction I will take) and the navy anorak is perfect for a casual day of running errands.  The black blazer is not really new to the fashion world, but I still love it and am planning on adding it to my closet this weekend actually.

Scentsy Warmer – Okay, so this isn’t fashion related but I still want it so here you go.  Have you heard of Scentsy?  If not, you should check it out!  I have known about this company for quite a while now.  My mom worked in their warehouse out in Idaho for a few years and is now a consultant and sells the stuff.  I seriously have way more warmers than I could ever use at one time (I think I have 5 or 6?) but I always find another one in the latest catalogs and how cute is the pumpkin one above?  It would be such a cute addition to fall decorations and get just the right fragrance to burn and it could be heavenly fall times in your home!  Plus now they sell Layers which include body wash, body butter, laundry items and more.  I can’t wait to wrap myself in some of the delicious scents!  Interested?  Check it out here.

Louboutin Shoes – I’ve decided it is my duty as an aspiring fashionista to own a pair of designer shoes.  And what better shoe to own than the famous red-soled fabulosity that is Louboutin??


VS Pink NFL T-Shirt & Pants – Do these not look too comfy for words?  I’ve wanted to purchase some of the Pink brand NFL items for a while now and I’m hoping to actually get to do that this season.  These would be the perfect item to lounge about on Sundays while studying and watching my Bengals play (and hopefully win) some football.


White & Blue Button Down Shirts – These are such classics that I almost feel guilty for not already owning them.  I love a great button down shirt.  They are chic and trendy without being dated.  You can dress them up or down depending on how you style it and it is one of the easiest looks out there to pull together.

What do you want today?  Anything special you have your eye on?  Enjoy your Thursday, one day closer to the weekend!



I love accessories…  Like LOVE…  Maybe unnaturally.  I have more pairs of shoes than I know what to do with and yet shoes are always one of my first stops in a store.  I have yet to meet a purse I don’t like and am constantly hearing “ANOTHER purse??!!”  whenever I bring home my latest purchase.  I also adore hats but have a harder time with them because I was cursed gifted with a large head, so when I find one that is cute and fits I definitely snatch that right up!  But my real reason for writing today is the bling.  Jewelry.

Maybe because I am female, I was naturally inclined to favor sparkly, shiny baubles.  I mean there is a song based on this and everything (Diamonds are a girl’s best friend).  But there is something about jewelry that just makes me happy.  It doesn’t matter if I am having a fat day and want to stay in sweatpants all day long or feeling like I own the world and rocking an LBD, I can throw on a couple pieces of jewelry and feel complete.  Feel pretty.  It also doesn’t matter if you are a size 2 or a size 22, you can wear jewelry.  Maybe I have put on a couple pounds and struggle while zipping up my jeans, that necklace still fits.

I used to be the type of person who only liked silver jewelry and the simpler the design, the better.  But now I am branching out.  I have some gold pieces, some crazy colorful pieces and some bigger “look at me” pieces.  Thanks to companies like Premier Designs I am constantly updating my jewelry wardrobe.  I just went to a jewelry party this past weekend and picked up 5 new pieces!!  And that’s not counting the necklace I had purchased a week earlier from a different jewelry sales consultant.  Plus I am planning on having my own party later in the year where I will hopefully rake in the free and discounted jewelry to continue updating.

Over the weekend I was doing my usual cleaning/organizing/getting rid of crap routine that I do every few weeks and I had all of my jewelry laid out on my dresser top and was shocked at the amount I have collected in a very short time span.

This does not include my necklaces, only the bracelets and watches and then my earrings are in one of the glass bowls and my rings in the other.  Sure there are probably people with larger collections than mine.  But for this rookie who a year ago thought rubber bands made cute bracelets, I would say I am making great progress!

What is your favorite type of jewelry??

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I have been woefully absent from posting on here lately; I am just awful.  I feel like I have so much going on and so much to update but I will do it a little bit at a time, so that I can make up for the lack of posts with an abundance of posts to come.  I have some items ready for my “What I Want Wednesday,” I went shopping today and got some too cute items that I want to share, and I am sitting down right now to watch the season 10 premier of Project Runway and I am very excited to share my feelings towards that as well.

I will say that I am very excited for Project Runway!  I was just recently given a sewing machine and am hoping to maybe get some inspiration from watching the show and be able to make some pieces myself as well…  First I should probably learn how to even use the dang machine though!

So sorry for the absence but I promise I am back and ready to go!



I am not a princessy type of girl, never have been and probably never will be.  Even growing up while spinning around in a tutu during ballet class, I was ready to put on my Converse sneakers and go play in the creek.  That being said, I saw these shoes online yesterday and decided that if I could have these, I would become a princess in a heartbeat.  Apparently these shoes are Christian Louboutin’s take on the glass slipper from Cinderella and, in my opinion, are absolutely gorgeous.  Granted, I have absolutely no occasion in my life to wear these but I can still dream about getting a pair added to my closet, right?



Have you ever had a night out when you just feel kind of blah?  I had that night this past weekend.  I was getting ready to go out and just started feeling like nothing I did was going to make me look as good as I wanted.  I threw on an outfit, straightened my hair and did my makeup then left.  It didn’t help that the girls I went out with always look gorgeous in my opinion.  But what surprised me is that I was the one getting the compliments.  My friend posted some pictures online of us and everyone was telling me how cute I looked.  A girl stopped me in the bar to say she loved my shoes and ask where I got them.  I’ve got to say, getting feedback like this really makes a girl feel good about, not only herself, but her sense of fashion as well.

What’s the best fashion compliment you have received??



I’m the one in the coral shorts.

Black top:  Mossimo; Tank Top:  Urban Behavior; Coral shorts:  New York & Company; Clutch:  Dressbarn; Wedges:  MRKT Mar-ket

It’s the time again…  Time to decide what it is that I am wanting to add to my wardrobe for What I Want Wednesday.  I don’t have a very extensive list today.  Only a couple items that I want to add for summer.

First up is a new pair of sunglasses.  I love sunglasses.  I also already have 4 or 5 pairs.  However, they are all the really large type.  I want a pair of thin rimmed glasses so that when I am sitting at the pool I don’t get a horrible case of raccoon eyes

Not a great look

Second I am looking for a pair of sandals.  I have plenty of flip flops and even some dressy high heel sandals.  But I don’t have any dressed up flat sandals, so that is next on my list.

And those are really the only items I am looking for this week.  Pretty easy list.  Anyone have any items they want this week?  Feel free to comment below with what you want!!