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Ok, I know…  worst title ever.  But cut me some slack;  my brain has been on overload lately and I’m proud just to be writing at all.

A couple of days ago I went shopping for a dress I have been in love with for over a month.  Naturally, they didn’t have it.  I have been to two different locations and looked online without any success, but I digress….

I did find something else I loved though and hope to add it to my collection very soon.  Enter the fur vest.

*A cute, inexpensive option from forever 21*

Now because this is from Forever 21, and therefore fits into my budget this is a faux fur vest, which works perfectly for me as I can’t make myself wear real fur.  But regardless of whether you go faux or sport the real thing, this is a look to keep an eye on this season.

This is typically so far removed from my normal style that I was actually shocked by how much I liked it; I guess I’m evolving.

The next day I was reading through the October issue of Lucky Magazine and came across an article with Michael Kors.  He listed the 5 things every woman should have in her wardrobe and right there at #1, was a fur vest.  Actually it was a “coat you can wear anywhere” but he specified that a fur vest is great because “you can wear it inside if you’re chilly or outside over a slim coat”.  I feel like it might be fate telling me to run and purchase said vest this weekend.

So how do you wear a fur vest?  Here are some images I found while doing a little research.

* Here is a take on the “over a slim coat” look found on Apparel Therapy*

*And here is a bit of a casual take on the fur vest.  Found at Babble*

*And finally a more formal look, very Breakfast at tiffany’s.  Found at Ali Express*

And here is an idea for how I hope to style my own fur vest once it is safely in my possession.

Fur Vest Luxe
Fur Vest Luxe by fashionistarookie featuring set of bangles
This is a very luxe take on how I would actually be able to afford to wear this look.  But I love the look of light neutrals paired with gold jewelry and minimal makeup and hair.  It’s clean yet classic, simple yet chic.
So tell me, will you don fur?  Do you prefer faux or the real deal?  Do tell!

…  To be on time for once!!  Geeze, I missed What I Want Wednesday again.  But in my defense, my baby brother was performing in his very first stand up comedy show yesterday so I was busy all day getting things done so I could go and watch him.

So I’m a little late.  It doesn’t change the fact that I do still want every single one of these items.  I found them all while shopping this past weekend.  I almost purchased everything I am about to post here, but decided to hold back and wait a few days before buying everything.

Without further ado…

I want this skirt.  I will have to try it on because I have never worn a mini skirt before and the thought is really intimidating.  Who knows, maybe I will put this skirt on and absolutely hate it, but when I see it laying on the display in store, I LOVE it!

I also want this top.  I was very, very close to buying this over the weekend.  It was on the clearance $5 rack but I had a sneaky feeling it wasn’t supposed to be.  So before standing in line forever and then finding out it wasn’t on sale, I asked an employee if they could check.  It wasn’t, I put it back to buy at a later date and have not stopped thinking of it since.

This was the original blazer that I saw in the store.  I thought it was super cute and that it would look great over a light, summery dress for brunch or another fun moment like that.  After looking at it more on the website though I’m not sure.  This would be another one I have to try on; I don’t usually like cropped tops on myself.  I do definitely want a blazer though…  Maybe I could do this one instead.

The final item I am wanting today is a pair of fabulous red sunglasses from Fossil.  I can’t find any pictures of them online, so I guess that is even more reason to just buy them, so I can show you all how cute they are.  (Sunglasses are almost as bad an obsession as watches for me…  Speaking of watches, I found a watch I want too!)

Because the Charlotte Russe website isn’t allowing me to post the pictures of the items like I wanted, I posted links instead…  But because Polyvore is awesome, I’m able to create a look involving all of the above mentioned pieces.

What I Want Wednesday
What I Want Wednesday by mashy087 featuring dolman sleeve tops

Charlotte Russe satin jacket

Charlotte Russe satin jacket

Charlotte Russe cotton skirt

Charlotte Russe cotton skirt
A couple housekeeping tidbits before I go.  I am planning on doing an update to the blog this weekend, so keep an eye out for that as well as my thoughts on the latest episode of Project Runway.
Also, we are only 5 followers away from a giveaway!  So keep an eye out for that as well, hopefully there will be news on that very soon.
4th of July Fun

4th of July Fun by mashy087 featuring leather handbags

Dorothy Perkins cotton shirt
$17 –

Rodebjer elastic waist skirt
$140 –

Miu Miu high heel shoes
$595 –

Valentino leather handbag
$59 –

Carolee LUX 14k jewelry
$195 –

Stacking bangle
6 AUD –

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I decided to do a fun weekend look.  I am in love with the bright neon top and I think the black accessories makes it pop even more.  I felt the boots and bag give the look a bit of a “rock-and-roll” edge but it’s also the part that makes this outfit a tiny bit intimidating for me to try and wear. Maybe eventually I can be the girl to wear motorcycle boots with shorts.

What kind of fun outfits do you wear for weekend?



Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway by mashy087 featuring flat boots

SuperTrash yellow top
€70 –

Oasis jean shorts
$35 –

Belstaff flat boots
$380 –

Dsquared metallic handbag
$1,155 –

Back in the June issue of they had an article called What a Classic!  It lists out the 15 tried-and-true favorites needed to complete your summer wardrobe.  These articles are always hugely inspiring and helpful to me when trying to figure out what I need to have in my closet.  Listed below the 15 items.

1. Striped Sweater – Make sure the sweater you choose is lightweight in case of chilly evenings.

2.  White Shorts – Works best with a long-sleeve t-shirt and flats or a shirt and wedges.

3.  Ballet Flats – Bright colors are perfect for fall.

4.  Chambray Shirt – Wearing it open over a bathing suit and sarong equals instant, effortless cool.

5.  Floral Maxi-Dress – Perfect paired with wedges.

6.  Polo Shirt

7.  Menswear Hat (Have) – Laid back look perfect for summer (Side note:  I have a large sized head and usually have a hard time shopping for hats in the women’s sections but I have found that men’s hats are the perfect size!)

8.  White Jeans (Have) – Instyle says that cropped is the cutest but I think any length white pant looks fresh and perfect for summer.

9.  Peasant Dress – Perfect for travel and a day on the beach.

10.  Polka-Dot Bikini – I mean there was even a song written about this!  (Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Tiny, Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini)

11.  Crochet Dress – Great for lounging by the pool, going to the farmer’s market or playing at the park.

12.  Oversize Frames (Have) – I mentioned back here that I wanted thin framed sunnies to lessen my raccoon eyes but I still absolutely love a pair of oversize frames.

13.  White One-Piece – I don’t love one piece bathing suits but something about this does look very fresh and summery.

14.  Striped Tank (Have) – Pair it with a miniskirt or jean shorts for a light, fresh look.

15.  Embroidered Tunic

What are some of your wardrobe essentials?  Anything you would add or subtract to this list?  How many items do you already own?



15 Summer Wardrobe Essentials
15 Summer Wardrobe Essentials by mashy087 featuring oversized sunglasses

In about two weeks I am going on a mini weekend road trip for a cousin’s graduation.  I have been thinking and planning the outfits I want to take for the trip but the most important one (in my mind anyway) is what I will actually wear to the graduation ceremony itself.  This isn’t the exact dress that I want but I can’t seem to find the one I am hoping to buy online anywhere, so I figure this is a pretty cute substitute dress.  What kind of things do you wear to graduation ceremonies?




Graduation by mashy087 featuring studded jewelry

Chiffon dress

Jimmy Choo high heel shoes
£435 –

Soft leather tote
£1,550 –

Ted Rossi bracelet
145 CAD –

Timex watch
$45 –

Lokalwear studded jewelry
€11 –

H&M retro shades
£4.99 –

It is hot out today, 83 degrees!  That might not sound that bad but it is hot and humid.  The kind of day where you want to wear as few clothes as possible and do as little as possible just to stay cool.  Since I don’t live in area that approves of public nudity, I put together an outfit that I think could work.  Very little to it and the colors make me think of a cool, breezy day on the beach.



Beachy Blues
Beachy Blues by mashy087 featuring prada sunglasses

Elizabeth and James racerback tank
$295 –

90 PLN –

Oasis flat sandals
$40 –

Wallis summer handbag
$49 –

Michael Kors hoop earrings
$45 –

$15 –

Prada sunglasses
$287 –

Straw hat

I have decided to try and make a daily outfit set on Polyvore to post on here.  I think that site is so much fun and a really great way to develop my fashion sense and style.  So for the first set, I made a fun summer time outfit that would be perfect for a day at the park or going to a baseball game.  Enjoy!



Summer Afternoon Fun
Summer Afternoon Fun by mashy087 featuring a yellow bag