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I’m hoping to watch the Victoria Secret fashion show tonight sometime, I have to do a lot of studying for my final exams on Monday though to that may not happen on the exact timeline I would like, but I will still get to it.

I’m writing right now because there are some changes that I would like to incorporate to this blog.  Yes, I will still talk about fashion, beauty and shoes because I still love these things and they are a huge part of my life.  But I would also like to add some more lifestyle to my blog.  What did I do today?  The pictures from the trip to the park.  DIY crafty items I try (emphasis on the word try).  My attempts at actually completing Pinterest items I have pinned.

So yes, there will still be fashion pieces on here, but I’m going to evolve the blog as well.  I hope you stick around to see where this blog goes and enjoy the ride with me!




I found a new website that is kind of awesome and wanted to share.  It’s a bit like Pinterest in that you can save things you like (or fancy) to check out later.  But the best part of all??  You can buy the item that you fancy right then and there.  For instance, I “fancied” these shoes:


And am able to see the name of shoes (Polka Dot Pumps – perfect for the polka dot Fall 2012 trend), the brand (Bordello) and the price ($75 USD) plus add them to my cart and check out all from one site!  This is so easy it is probably going to prove to be dangerous.

But I still wanted to share so that we could all add to our shopping addictions together.

In other news, anyone seen the trailer for the movie “Pitch Perfect?”  It’s on my tv as I type this and I am so excited to go and see it!  You can bet I will be in theaters opening weekend.  Alright, so there’s my random thought for the night.

Check out Fancy and start online shopping like never before!