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I’m hoping to watch the Victoria Secret fashion show tonight sometime, I have to do a lot of studying for my final exams on Monday though to that may not happen on the exact timeline I would like, but I will still get to it.

I’m writing right now because there are some changes that I would like to incorporate to this blog.  Yes, I will still talk about fashion, beauty and shoes because I still love these things and they are a huge part of my life.  But I would also like to add some more lifestyle to my blog.  What did I do today?  The pictures from the trip to the park.  DIY crafty items I try (emphasis on the word try).  My attempts at actually completing Pinterest items I have pinned.

So yes, there will still be fashion pieces on here, but I’m going to evolve the blog as well.  I hope you stick around to see where this blog goes and enjoy the ride with me!



I know, I’m a few days late in posting this…  I blame the Olympics.  But anyway, here are my thoughts on the most recent episode of Project Runway.  I won’t give away any secrets or spoilers; the only thing I will say is that it is my favorite episode of the season, the unconventional design episode.  The item used?  Candy!!

First, I would just like to say I would fail so badly if I was a designer because by the time I got back to the studio I would have eaten all of my materials.  I would have to buy things I don’t like just so I would be able to make something with it.

After last week’s disappointing episode (in my opinion anyway), I was kind of nervous about this week and whether or not I would enjoy it.  But I did!  The drama that I thought was missing is finally back!  Two of the designers cannot stand each other but are so passive aggressive about it; one will be talking and the other does a heavy sigh and eye roll and it just kills me!

Some of the designs were awesome and some were just plain awful!

The Awesome:

Really enjoyed this look!  And does the designer look like he is a long lost member of the Volturi in the Twilight books?  Just me?

I thought this was pretty fantastic as well.  It is cute and fun and something that I would actually wear out…  Well except for the “made with candy rocks” part.

This is my third and final favorite dress.  It is hard to see from this photo but it is amazing and looks like so many of the dresses that are actually available in stores.  The thing about all three of these dresses is that they actually look like real outfits, not costumes and for the most part, you can’t tell they are made of sugary, candied goodness.

The Awful:

Good Lord!!  This is just not good.  Some of the judges comments were that it looked like it was made of noodles and that it was just sad.  They also said it made the model look like a linebacker.  I agree with all of the judges comments.  This just makes me sad to see, so different from the above pictures.  Also **SPOILER!!**:  The dress was totally falling apart on the runway.  By the time they had to stand for judging it was half candy and half linen.  This was just bad all around.

Again I was unable to find a good picture for this look but I think this gets the point across pretty nicely.  This was way too over the top, costume/cartoon look for my taste.  Plus this designer just gets on my nerves.  He is weird but not in the fun, “God, I love to watch this guy” way.  I just want him to go home!

The last image for the day.  Maybe this isn’t that bad…  I personally am not a fan of the color pink, at least not in this large of a dose.  But I feel like this is just a Barbie prom dress gone badly.  Plus the top doesn’t fit well.  I get what she was aiming for and that working with candy would be a difficult task but that is not a flattering look for the model.

So there you have my thoughts for the second episode in this 10th season.  Did you watch it too?  What did you think?  Was it just the right about of sweet or did it give you cavities?

**All photos courtesy of the Project Runway site.