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Looky, looky!  It’s Wednesday and I am here posting my latest “What I Want Wednesday.” Usually I remember it’s Wednesday on Thursday or Friday…  I’m a bad blogger.  Nevertheless, I am here now and ready to go.  The items I am wanting this week?  Accessories.  First up, watches.

I LOVE watches.  I already own five and am constantly on the lookout to add more to my collection.  I have no idea why I like watches so much, it’s just a fact.  Here are the ones I am hoping to add to my collection very soon.




The other item I am craving today is a Michael Kors purse.  I’m not sure as to the exact style that I want, I just know that I love his purses.  They are not only beautiful but they are simple and not covered in logos telling people what brand purse I am carrying.  They are almost all a gorgeous neutral that would go with anything and I want one badly.


There are my items I would love to add to my collection.  What do you want?



Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and receive the love and appreciation you deserve for all of those you love.  Since most people are going to be going out for breakfast or brunch with their mothers today I thought I would put together a look for that occasion.  I love a pretty neutral outfit with a splash of color throughout the accessories, in this case coral.

Coral & Neutral Brunch Look
Coral & Neutral Brunch Look by mashy087 featuring gold stud earrings

Short cocktail dress
€50 –

Miss Selfridge trench coat
$114 –

Dorothy Perkins high heels
$89 –

Rebecca Minkoff leather clutch
$295 –

Astley Clarke gold stud earrings
$795 –

Kate spade bangle
$128 –

Sparkly nail polish
$6 –

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!!