There aren’t a ton of items I want…  Today it is just an accessory and a beauty item…  I’m easy to please this weekend.

What is it you want?



Louis Vuitton purse…  Of all the designer bags this is one of my favorites.  Something about it just seems classier to me than some of the other purses out there…  Yes, everyone knows the brand when they see it and I usually don’t like to “brand” myself but I think I could make an exception this once.

Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo and Conditioner…  My salon uses a few Sebastian products and I absolutely love the way they smell and the amazing things they do to my hair.  So when I heard about this shampoo & conditioner combo while watching one of my favorite youtube video channels, kandeejohnson, that she uses this and absolutely loves it I decided it is time for me to try it!

The part of the video I am talking about starts at around 8:26.