Hair.  It’s something that I have a very bittersweet relationship with.  On certain days I love my hair!  It’s shiny and laying just right.  Most days however, we aren’t exactly on the same page.  I cut it all off a little over a year ago and am now at that awkward stage where I can’t seem to do anything with it.  I have layers and so I can’t really braid my hair yet because halfway down hair starts sticking out all over.  My hair is too heavy and usually doesn’t hold a curl.  So I almost always straighten it and then end up throwing it into a ponytail.  I have considered getting extensions but then consider how much that would cost and think of how much I could do with that money instead and just stick with my own hair.  I have to keep reminding myself that my hair is growing, it’s not stuck and soon it will be at a good length.  What do you do when your hair is driving you nuts?  What are some tips I can do or hairstyles I can try?

You can tell from the pictures below my hair is growing (I also seem to wear a lot of blue) I just wish it would grow faster!

Have a beautiful hairday!



My hair cut right after cutting it about a year and a half ago.

My hair a month ago. Not the best quality picture, but you get it.