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After taking a short break from this topic, it’s time to return to one of my favorite segments, “Trendy Tuesdays.”  Today’s topic is a fun one in my opinion…  College style fun.

I’m not talking about sweatpants and hoodies (although that may be what I spend a good majority of my time in while on campus); I’m talking letterman jackets and other school-inspired looks.  I’ve seen this look in a few different fashion magazines and websites and even while shopping in my local mall, and we aren’t exactly a fashion hotbed around here.

So what exactly does this look entail?  Let’s take a closer look.

One of the big looks I’ve noticed, that I mentioned above, is the letterman jacket.


*Image via*

This is a fun and easy way to incorporate the look into your wardrobe without really having to change or invest in a lot of new pieces.  You can throw it on over anything you already own:  jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look, a flowy dress for a feminine/tomboy look or with mixed prints (as seen above) to really show your fashionista prowess.


*image via*


*image via*

You can also skip the jacket and do the preppy, school sweater instead for cooler days.  Again, you can dress it up or dress it down, either way you will be on trend.


*image via*


*image via*

Even celebrities are getting in on this look!

Here’s a spiked Lady Gaga version found on retromaniafw.

Rhianna, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are all fans. **


Even Kim K is getting in on the fun.

So what about you?  Are you ready to go back to school or are you too cool for school?

Also, I bought my fur vest over the weekend!!!  I will post pictures in an outfit post soon.



I know, I’m a few days late in posting this…  I blame the Olympics.  But anyway, here are my thoughts on the most recent episode of Project Runway.  I won’t give away any secrets or spoilers; the only thing I will say is that it is my favorite episode of the season, the unconventional design episode.  The item used?  Candy!!

First, I would just like to say I would fail so badly if I was a designer because by the time I got back to the studio I would have eaten all of my materials.  I would have to buy things I don’t like just so I would be able to make something with it.

After last week’s disappointing episode (in my opinion anyway), I was kind of nervous about this week and whether or not I would enjoy it.  But I did!  The drama that I thought was missing is finally back!  Two of the designers cannot stand each other but are so passive aggressive about it; one will be talking and the other does a heavy sigh and eye roll and it just kills me!

Some of the designs were awesome and some were just plain awful!

The Awesome:

Really enjoyed this look!  And does the designer look like he is a long lost member of the Volturi in the Twilight books?  Just me?

I thought this was pretty fantastic as well.  It is cute and fun and something that I would actually wear out…  Well except for the “made with candy rocks” part.

This is my third and final favorite dress.  It is hard to see from this photo but it is amazing and looks like so many of the dresses that are actually available in stores.  The thing about all three of these dresses is that they actually look like real outfits, not costumes and for the most part, you can’t tell they are made of sugary, candied goodness.

The Awful:

Good Lord!!  This is just not good.  Some of the judges comments were that it looked like it was made of noodles and that it was just sad.  They also said it made the model look like a linebacker.  I agree with all of the judges comments.  This just makes me sad to see, so different from the above pictures.  Also **SPOILER!!**:  The dress was totally falling apart on the runway.  By the time they had to stand for judging it was half candy and half linen.  This was just bad all around.

Again I was unable to find a good picture for this look but I think this gets the point across pretty nicely.  This was way too over the top, costume/cartoon look for my taste.  Plus this designer just gets on my nerves.  He is weird but not in the fun, “God, I love to watch this guy” way.  I just want him to go home!

The last image for the day.  Maybe this isn’t that bad…  I personally am not a fan of the color pink, at least not in this large of a dose.  But I feel like this is just a Barbie prom dress gone badly.  Plus the top doesn’t fit well.  I get what she was aiming for and that working with candy would be a difficult task but that is not a flattering look for the model.

So there you have my thoughts for the second episode in this 10th season.  Did you watch it too?  What did you think?  Was it just the right about of sweet or did it give you cavities?

**All photos courtesy of the Project Runway site.

Back in the June issue of they had an article called What a Classic!  It lists out the 15 tried-and-true favorites needed to complete your summer wardrobe.  These articles are always hugely inspiring and helpful to me when trying to figure out what I need to have in my closet.  Listed below the 15 items.

1. Striped Sweater – Make sure the sweater you choose is lightweight in case of chilly evenings.

2.  White Shorts – Works best with a long-sleeve t-shirt and flats or a shirt and wedges.

3.  Ballet Flats – Bright colors are perfect for fall.

4.  Chambray Shirt – Wearing it open over a bathing suit and sarong equals instant, effortless cool.

5.  Floral Maxi-Dress – Perfect paired with wedges.

6.  Polo Shirt

7.  Menswear Hat (Have) – Laid back look perfect for summer (Side note:  I have a large sized head and usually have a hard time shopping for hats in the women’s sections but I have found that men’s hats are the perfect size!)

8.  White Jeans (Have) – Instyle says that cropped is the cutest but I think any length white pant looks fresh and perfect for summer.

9.  Peasant Dress – Perfect for travel and a day on the beach.

10.  Polka-Dot Bikini – I mean there was even a song written about this!  (Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Tiny, Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini)

11.  Crochet Dress – Great for lounging by the pool, going to the farmer’s market or playing at the park.

12.  Oversize Frames (Have) – I mentioned back here that I wanted thin framed sunnies to lessen my raccoon eyes but I still absolutely love a pair of oversize frames.

13.  White One-Piece – I don’t love one piece bathing suits but something about this does look very fresh and summery.

14.  Striped Tank (Have) – Pair it with a miniskirt or jean shorts for a light, fresh look.

15.  Embroidered Tunic

What are some of your wardrobe essentials?  Anything you would add or subtract to this list?  How many items do you already own?



15 Summer Wardrobe Essentials
15 Summer Wardrobe Essentials by mashy087 featuring oversized sunglasses

In about two weeks I am going on a mini weekend road trip for a cousin’s graduation.  I have been thinking and planning the outfits I want to take for the trip but the most important one (in my mind anyway) is what I will actually wear to the graduation ceremony itself.  This isn’t the exact dress that I want but I can’t seem to find the one I am hoping to buy online anywhere, so I figure this is a pretty cute substitute dress.  What kind of things do you wear to graduation ceremonies?




Graduation by mashy087 featuring studded jewelry

Chiffon dress

Jimmy Choo high heel shoes
£435 –

Soft leather tote
£1,550 –

Ted Rossi bracelet
145 CAD –

Timex watch
$45 –

Lokalwear studded jewelry
€11 –

H&M retro shades
£4.99 –

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and receive the love and appreciation you deserve for all of those you love.  Since most people are going to be going out for breakfast or brunch with their mothers today I thought I would put together a look for that occasion.  I love a pretty neutral outfit with a splash of color throughout the accessories, in this case coral.

Coral & Neutral Brunch Look
Coral & Neutral Brunch Look by mashy087 featuring gold stud earrings

Short cocktail dress
€50 –

Miss Selfridge trench coat
$114 –

Dorothy Perkins high heels
$89 –

Rebecca Minkoff leather clutch
$295 –

Astley Clarke gold stud earrings
$795 –

Kate spade bangle
$128 –

Sparkly nail polish
$6 –

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!!