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Since I’ve been a bit MIA lately, I thought I would do a quick update about what’s been going on in my life recently.

1.  I’m now the proud owner of a pair of shiny adult braces…  Okay, I have a clear set so no shine but still.  Nothing says sexy like a mouth full of metal.  I’ve had them for a full two weeks now and I feel like I’m still getting used to them.  I was in pain for the first week and on a mostly liquids diet (and only manged to lose three pounds…  What the hell??!!).  I’m no longer in pain, but am still slow getting into foods I used to eat and constantly feel like there is too much going on in my mouth.  Only 102 more weeks to go!

2.  I start school in 17 days.  After going back and forth multiple times about whether or not I wanted to go back, I decided to go ahead, bite the bullet and do it.  I don’t really like my college (at all) and am still unsure as to what I want to be when I grow up…  Actually I know I want to be Donna (from the show Suits) when I grow up, but not sure what kind of major I need for that.  Here’s hoping school gets better and I can enjoy myself.

3.  Because I’m sticking with school I decided to stick with my job.  I try not to speak too openly about my feelings towards my job for a couple of reasons A)  I try to be grateful I have one in this economy and B) if anyone from my job were to read/hear my feelings, I would hate to risk losing said job.  However, I’m incredibly unhappy at this job.  There is a total lack of communication, no one that works there enjoys it, we are constantly working overtime and having our schedules changed at the last minute, oh and I break out in hives on a weekly (sometimes more often) basis thanks to this job.  Pretty sure that’s not a normal reaction.  But because it is third shift (another reason I dislike said job) it makes scheduling classes easier…  Attending not so much, but scheduling, yes.

4.  I’ve recently been shopping…  Like, a lot.  Maybe too much?  I keep telling myself I’m just preparing for fall and getting my wardrobe in order.  And I do make sure bills are paid first but I’m trying to do more adult things.  Things such as get a legitimate savings account going, not just $30 that I keep moving into my checking account.  Making a budget (and sticking to it).  And the big one, attempt to save for my own place.  I’m not talking buy a house, I’m nowhere near that, but a cute little apartment of my own would be beyond an amazing blessing.  Right now, I can’t so much afford that.  But I’m working towards it.  One step at a time.

I do believe that’s the majority of the updates from me.  Pretty sad that I’ve been gone so long and that’s it…  Hopefully my life picks up along with my school schedule in a few weeks.

Enjoy your weekend!  Go out and have a cold brewski 🙂



*Go Ohio State!!*

Hey Everyone!

I mentioned last week that I will be going to the Ohio State University football game this weekend so obviously, that means a special outfit is in order.  I have only been to one other college football game and I do believe I wore a red t-shirt and jeans and threw on my brother’s hoodie during the game once temperatures dropped.

*Myself in front of the Columbus Clippers baseball stadium last year*

Sure, I was wearing school colors and I’m guessing at least half of the crowd was also wearing jeans and a school colored t-shirt, but this time I want to do a little more.  One of my favorite fashion blogs A Blonde Ambition is a football fan and is always mentioning game day fashions and how to step it up a bit.  She’s from the south and, apparently there,  it’s not uncommon for the girls there to wear stilettos and cute dresses, a far cry from my casual look from last year and she always offers great style ideas for game day, like this or this for instance.  While I’m not going to be rocking high heels for this game, I have had some thoughts of what I could possibly wear to up my style.

Game Day Fashions
Game Day Fashions by mashy087 featuring aviator sunglasses

SECOND FEMALE pocket t shirt
$65 –

Oasis slim fit jeans
$58 –

Bamboo flat heels

Guess jewelry

Purple jewelry

Aviator sunglasses

This is something that I could  see myself wearing to a football game.  It is comfortable but still fashionable and in school colors.  *Side Note:  I love that hoodie so much that I am thinking I am going to have to buy it ASAP!*  I’m going to go and look for something along these lines Friday and see if I can get away from the typical blue jeans and t-shirt look that is so much easier.

What do you normally wear to college football games?  Any thoughts of something I should try?

Have a great week!!