I love accessories…  Like LOVE…  Maybe unnaturally.  I have more pairs of shoes than I know what to do with and yet shoes are always one of my first stops in a store.  I have yet to meet a purse I don’t like and am constantly hearing “ANOTHER purse??!!”  whenever I bring home my latest purchase.  I also adore hats but have a harder time with them because I was cursed gifted with a large head, so when I find one that is cute and fits I definitely snatch that right up!  But my real reason for writing today is the bling.  Jewelry.

Maybe because I am female, I was naturally inclined to favor sparkly, shiny baubles.  I mean there is a song based on this and everything (Diamonds are a girl’s best friend).  But there is something about jewelry that just makes me happy.  It doesn’t matter if I am having a fat day and want to stay in sweatpants all day long or feeling like I own the world and rocking an LBD, I can throw on a couple pieces of jewelry and feel complete.  Feel pretty.  It also doesn’t matter if you are a size 2 or a size 22, you can wear jewelry.  Maybe I have put on a couple pounds and struggle while zipping up my jeans, that necklace still fits.

I used to be the type of person who only liked silver jewelry and the simpler the design, the better.  But now I am branching out.  I have some gold pieces, some crazy colorful pieces and some bigger “look at me” pieces.  Thanks to companies like Premier Designs I am constantly updating my jewelry wardrobe.  I just went to a jewelry party this past weekend and picked up 5 new pieces!!  And that’s not counting the necklace I had purchased a week earlier from a different jewelry sales consultant.  Plus I am planning on having my own party later in the year where I will hopefully rake in the free and discounted jewelry to continue updating.

Over the weekend I was doing my usual cleaning/organizing/getting rid of crap routine that I do every few weeks and I had all of my jewelry laid out on my dresser top and was shocked at the amount I have collected in a very short time span.

This does not include my necklaces, only the bracelets and watches and then my earrings are in one of the glass bowls and my rings in the other.  Sure there are probably people with larger collections than mine.  But for this rookie who a year ago thought rubber bands made cute bracelets, I would say I am making great progress!

What is your favorite type of jewelry??

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