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Since I’ve been a bit MIA lately, I thought I would do a quick update about what’s been going on in my life recently.

1.  I’m now the proud owner of a pair of shiny adult braces…  Okay, I have a clear set so no shine but still.  Nothing says sexy like a mouth full of metal.  I’ve had them for a full two weeks now and I feel like I’m still getting used to them.  I was in pain for the first week and on a mostly liquids diet (and only manged to lose three pounds…  What the hell??!!).  I’m no longer in pain, but am still slow getting into foods I used to eat and constantly feel like there is too much going on in my mouth.  Only 102 more weeks to go!

2.  I start school in 17 days.  After going back and forth multiple times about whether or not I wanted to go back, I decided to go ahead, bite the bullet and do it.  I don’t really like my college (at all) and am still unsure as to what I want to be when I grow up…  Actually I know I want to be Donna (from the show Suits) when I grow up, but not sure what kind of major I need for that.  Here’s hoping school gets better and I can enjoy myself.

3.  Because I’m sticking with school I decided to stick with my job.  I try not to speak too openly about my feelings towards my job for a couple of reasons A)  I try to be grateful I have one in this economy and B) if anyone from my job were to read/hear my feelings, I would hate to risk losing said job.  However, I’m incredibly unhappy at this job.  There is a total lack of communication, no one that works there enjoys it, we are constantly working overtime and having our schedules changed at the last minute, oh and I break out in hives on a weekly (sometimes more often) basis thanks to this job.  Pretty sure that’s not a normal reaction.  But because it is third shift (another reason I dislike said job) it makes scheduling classes easier…  Attending not so much, but scheduling, yes.

4.  I’ve recently been shopping…  Like, a lot.  Maybe too much?  I keep telling myself I’m just preparing for fall and getting my wardrobe in order.  And I do make sure bills are paid first but I’m trying to do more adult things.  Things such as get a legitimate savings account going, not just $30 that I keep moving into my checking account.  Making a budget (and sticking to it).  And the big one, attempt to save for my own place.  I’m not talking buy a house, I’m nowhere near that, but a cute little apartment of my own would be beyond an amazing blessing.  Right now, I can’t so much afford that.  But I’m working towards it.  One step at a time.

I do believe that’s the majority of the updates from me.  Pretty sad that I’ve been gone so long and that’s it…  Hopefully my life picks up along with my school schedule in a few weeks.

Enjoy your weekend!  Go out and have a cold brewski 🙂



Ok.  I’m not actually turning this into a religious experience.  But after months of cheating on this little blog with a Blogger account, I’ve come to realize that I think WordPress is the and I’m back to this little piece of my world.  While I don’t have a scheduled post for you right now, I wanted to say that I’m back.  And I have ideas.

I’m sorry for abandoning you my little bloggy baby, I can’t promise to never do it again, but I can promise to try my hardest to be better, to be more attentive to your needs.  So until tomorrow.





Just a quick view of my shopping haul this afternoon.  A gold sequined clutch for my trip to Las Vegas next weekend and a rose gold watch.  I like sparkle.

Headed up to Columbus tomorrow, will post pictures either tomorrow night or Sunday.  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!



I’m being a slacker tonight and writing this from bed when I should be getting ready for work…  Okay, I’m not totally slacking off, I’m just ill.  I guess food poisoning is one way to cut back on the fast food that I love so dearly.  Any-who just wanted to take a few minutes to post some things that have been on my mind (also procrastinating from studying for the exam I have tomorrow morning).

Clearly this isn’t a light-hearted, happy go lucky fashion post.  I’ve recently had other things on my mind.  Don’t worry, I won’t go into it.  I’m not exactly a “spill your guts” type of person.  But I will say I feel like I am slowly watching a friendship disintegrate before my eyes.  This is a friendship that I have had for YEARS…  I’m talking 15+.  We have had our ups and our downs and always seemed to come through it, at least on the outside.  Deep down though things haven’t been the same for a while.  We had an issue a few years back, we have since made up and gone on about our business but I’ve always held back a little since then.  Now I feel like this person is pulling away and rather than fight to hold on, I am pushing a little from my side too.  I’m not upset over the thought of losing this friend and I think that is the saddest part.

Because I don’t open up and spill my guts very easily, I also have a difficult time making friends.  Let me rephrase that.  I have a difficult time making true friends, the kind of friends you can tell anything and know they will always love you and won’t judge you.  I have plenty of friendly acquaintances but only a couple true friends and the majority of them do not live in the same time zone as me at this time.  In fact, I’ve only got the one.  The only reason I’m upset at the distance I feel growing between us am putting between us is because I’m afraid I will be lonely without them.

Last night I asked my other time zone bestie if she would run away with me.  No questions asked, she said absolutely.  Sure it was a joke and we aren’t really running away, both of us are too responsible to do that.  But I would be lying if I said a change of scenery and a change of pace hasn’t been crossing my mind more and more.  I’m over the life I’ve lived here.  I came back thinking it was for the best but I forgot that moving backwards doesn’t allow you to move forward.  What does this mean for my future?  Who knows…  Hopefully good things.



Hey guys,

Just a quick thing I wanted to mention.  I came across an offer over at tha Darlinh that she is looking for new bloggers to feature on her own blog.  She has 495 followers just on GFC alone and more followers on Bloglovin and Facebook and this could be a great opportunity for you to get your blog out there and get some more readers.  So head on over to check it out and see if that is something you are interested in!



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Hello Lovelies!

I have exciting news.  I know that I had mentioned that I would host a giveaway once I hit 30 followers (and I still plan on doing that) but I got an idea for a giveaway while I was shopping at Target yesterday and I was too excited and just had to do it now.  So in honor of Labor Day, my first ever giveaway!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always feel like putting on makeup.  There are just days when I don’t want to mess with it and it feels too “labor-intensive” (pun intended).  When I feel like this, I especially don’t want to be dishing out my hard earned cash for a ton of cosmetic products that most days just sit on my shelf, unused.  Enter e.l.f. cosmetics.  When my best friend told me about this brand, I thought it was too good to be true.  I went to my nearest Target and, lo and behold, most definitely true.  They have every makeup option you could want:  eye shadows, bronzers, blushers, brushes, glosses and any other item to beautify yourself and I have yet to find an item over $6.  (*Side note:  on the website, they have larger sets for a bit more, but these are all single priced items).  This is the kind of product I can get behind.  I can load up my cart, not spend a fortune and then not feel guilty during the weeks days that I go without makeup.  I decided then and there, in the middle of the Target beauty section that I wanted to help you guys out!  I am going to be giving away $25 in e.l.f cosmetic products to one lucky reader.

You can see the options for entering below and you can do as many or as few of the items as you choose.  I have not put together the items yet, so you will be able to give me an idea of what you want included for a more customized option.  So get to entering!  This giveaway will probably be more interesting for the female readers but, guys you are more than welcome to enter as well!  Maybe you have a female loved one that you want to get a little something special for.  Or maybe you just like wearing makeup in your free time.  I don’t judge 🙂

This giveaway runs from now until 12:01 EST on Sept. 3 (Labor Day) so go check it out.  I’m not sure why the giveaway box is coming up as a link (below) rather than embedded in the page, but just click the link to complete the entries.

If you aren’t the lucky winner but still want to take advantage of the awesome pricing, I saw on the e.l.f. cosmetics website that they are currently offering free shipping for any order over $25!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I am in no way affiliated with e.l.f cosmetics, I just really like the brand and wanted to share with you fantastic people!*

Good luck!!



I, like most of the world, watched the Opening Ceremonies tonight for the 2012 Summer Olympics.  This is an event I look forward to like most kids look forward to Christmas.  I don’t know what it is, but there is something special and almost magical about this time of year for me.  I hope to one day experience it all in person.  I don’t know if it is from writing this blog or some other reason, but I found myself focused on the fashions from each country while they marched around the stadium.  Some of the outfits were more costumey than others but some were clothing styles that I actually enjoyed.  Below I have added some of my best and most interesting looks from the evening.


I thought Australia looked very snazzy in the green blazers and white pants.  Not a huge fan of the women’s skirts; I feel they look like flight attendants and not world class athletes, but the men looked quite good in my opinion.


The USA was another group that I thought looked really good.  Same concept as the Australian team but the jackets seem a little more formal.  The women’s skirts have a cuter design and flow to them though and don’t seem as stiff as Australia’s.  I could have done without the hats.


I really enjoyed the look of the home country, Great Britain.  The warm ups looked great and the athletes seemed comfortable and happy while wearing them.  I love the white with gold trim, I think it just looks so clean and fresh.

I also liked the outfits worn by the Serbian team, but have been unable to find pictures of them.  If I find any in the next few days I will post a picture.

Now for the outfits that I didn’t quite enjoy…


Don’t get me wrong, this is a cute look…  for young children.  There’s just something about a group of adults wearing this that makes it seem odd.  I told my friend that they all look straight out of “Blues Clues” (for those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a TV show for young kids with a guy and his cartoon dog, Blue).


Do we see the resemblance?

Again, there were other teams that I didn’t quite love their outfits but they were smaller countries and I haven’t been able to find pictures online as of yet.  I was also quite interested to see what Princess Kate wore, but wasn’t able to get a good shot of it during the ceremonies, I will have to look that up as well.

I found a “best and worst dressed” article from the Opening Ceremonies and for the most part, I totally agree with the author.  As you can see, we disagree over a couple countries but everyone has their own opinion, right?  I completely forgot about their number 1 best dressed country though and I have to say, I totally agree!!  Check it out and see for yourself :  Best and Worst Dressed

Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies?  Were there any particular styles that stuck out to you?

Photo Credits:  12345

A few days ago I found a fun website thanks to a blog that I read;  xo, Kym.  They just recently hosted a giveaway for a $50 gift card to use at the website and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am the lucky winner.  The website is Buy Now or Never and they have a ton of designer accessories (think purses, watches, scarves, home furnishings and more) available at discounted prices.  I haven’t had as much time as I would like to go through the site, but what I have seen I definitely like.  

I have been considering doing a giveaway once I reach 30 followers (I’m currently at 23, only 7 more to go before we could try a giveaway) and think that maybe something from this site could be a good first giveaway item.  

What are your thoughts?  Do you like the website too?  What about the giveaway?  Any particular item you would like to win?



Hey guys!!

Sorry for the lack of activity lately.  I have either been out of town and away from all electronics or just trying to gather my thoughts and see where I wanted this to go.  I was struggling with whether or not to even keep this blog going; I will be keeping it up for now but may decide to take it down and focus solely on my personal (non-fashion) blog over at

I just need a few days to get my brain back in gear and I will be back.  Hang in there with me!!



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