I’m now sitting in the Las Vegas airport waiting to get home. The trip was fun, but could have been better, I was far too sober through the whole thing 🙂

This travel day has been awesome! I changed my flight to this afternoon rather than last night and received a complimentary first class upgrade! Which means I was able to check my bag for free (and could have checked a second bag too), I got my own security line, could have had my own check in line but didn’t realize that, and get priority boarding to my first class seat! I’m never going to be able to travel like a normal person again!

On top of all of that, the President of the USA just landed right outside my gate and I was able to watch Air Force One as it landed.

This has kind of been the best day of my whole trip. There were a couple other fun things, but those will stay in my private memory box 😉

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, it’s almost back to the real world.