I’ve been noticing a trend lately of wearing bracelets.  Lots of bracelets.  Most of the bracelets I have seen have been the friendship bracelets that I remember making growing up.  Do you remember these?

I always used to feel so cool when I would make these and wear them around with pride.  I was never far from thread and Scotch tape (to tape the thread down so I could braid it of course).  Well now I am going to relive my childhood and try to make some more.  The friendship bracelets that are so popular right now take the fun of the braided threads and add an adult spin (metal trinkets, crystals and more).  Here’s the bracelet that I am loving right now and will be attempting to make a version for myself this weekend.

I will try to make one this weekend and post pictures of the finished product.  If you want to try and make one yourself I found the DIY instructions for this over at Honestly…  WTF, take a look for yourself.