The more I learn about fashion the more I realize it doesn’t take a break…  ever.  I’m seeing that even things like pajamas can be more fashionable than the ratty t-shirts and boxer shorts I have been wearing.  I have one pair of Victoria Secret pajamas and absolutely love them!  Not only are they comfortable, I am still able to feel stylish and fashion forward while lounging around in PJs.

Another area where I am learning I can be more fashionable is in my gym attire.  I just signed up for a new gym membership.  Now I have to admit, I HATE working out at the gym.  It is not the way I want to spend my morning, it is not a fun activity for me but I do it because it is good for me and I am hoping if I fake liking it, I will eventually actually enjoy and look forward to going to the gym each morning.  But one thing I have realized in the past, wearing better workout clothes can definitely help make the time a little bit more enjoyable.  So it looks like my gym wardrobe is the next thing that needs updated.

Gym Time
Gym Time by mashy087 featuring black pants

Uniqlo crew neck t shirt
£20 –

NIKE black pants
£35 –

Asics tennis shoes
$130 –

Gym bag
£96 –

Adidas watch
$85 –

Butter London glitter nail polish
$14 –

These are the types of items I am hoping to add to my gym wardrobe soon.  I have put off buying other types of clothing for a while (thanks to the huge donation from my co-worker and also the whole gym-membership-hoping-to-drop-a-few deal) but I could probably talk myself into some yoga pants and workout tops.

What do you wear to workout in?