I wrote over the weekend about the box of free clothes I received from the girl at my work.  Well last night as I pulled into the parking lot she was walking over to my car lugging another box.  I left with another huge box and garbage bag full of clothes, again some with tags still attached, to go through.  I am now set with new clothes for quite a while and don’t need to do any shopping for the foreseeable future (don’t need to, this doesn’t mean I won’t though).

Normally I would be thrilled about all of this…  Well I am thrilled actually but also a little concerned.  Why I am concerned?  Because this is the closet I am dealing with at the moment…

If you can tell from the photo, it is absolutely full to the max.  And that was without the two boxes and garbage bag of new clothes and I was actually doing laundry too so there were a lot of clothes that I already owned not in there.  So at this moment I am trying to figure out where to put all of these new clothes.  I have plans on making over my closet in the near future but for now, I guess I will get really good at packing things super tightly.

I’m also going to see if I can come up with an estimate of how much all of my new clothes are worth.  While pulling them out of their boxes and picking my jaw up off the floor I was trying to do mental math and I am probably pushing at least $1000 worth of clothes that I inherited for free…  I’m still waiting for the catch or the punchline to kick in but until then, I will just enjoy.