About a week ago a girl from my work told me that she had some things she was getting rid of and wanted to know if I was interested in them.  After finding out it was some clothes and a little bit of jewelry I said sure figuring free clothes are always great and if I didn’t care for them, they were free, no big deal.

Expecting maybe a couple of shirts and a necklace or two, I got the box (yes box!!) from her this morning when we left work.  As soon as I got home I went through it and my jaw hit the floor.  Not only was there more than I expected, some of the clothes still have tags on them!  And I am not talking cheap clothes.  There are jeans from the Gap and tops from Banana Republic, Express, H&M, New York & Co and so much more!  I almost wanted to cry when everything I pulled out was so much better than the last and everything was something that I would wear.  I only gave away two items to my mom, root touch up in blonde (I’m a brunette and don’t plan on going blonde any time soon).  She may also get a ring if I decide I don’t like how it fits because I have teeny, tiny baby sized fingers.

So anyway.  Here are some of the pictures of what I received and a list of the items.  It is kind of hard to see all of the items but there is too much to get in one photo and way too much to take individual pictures of each item.  One thing I will say, the jeans are all too small for me right now but are the EXACT size that I have in mind for my goal size and once I hit that I won’t have to buy all new jeans, which I was kind of dreading.


Toiletries:  Bottle of Aussie Shampoo (29.2 oz), bottle of Suave Conditioner (32 oz), Tresemme’ Split Remedy Leave in conditioning treatment, Garnier Fructis smoothing milk, Garnier Fructis styling putty, Bodycology body lotion, set of pedicure toe separators, 2 John Frieda shampoo/conditioner samples, 1 Biore face wash sample, silver basket

Bags:  Black & White polka dot Thirty-One brand change purse, small floral makeup bag (brand unknown), larger clear floral Mary Kay brand bag

Jewelry:  2 Vivani brand watches (1 black & 1 white), 2 stretch, beaded Banana Republic bracelets, 1 zebra ring, 4 necklaces, 1 ankle bracelet, 5 pair of earrings (brands unknown unless specified).

Infinity by Conair electric women’s razor with plug in battery charger

5 pairs of pajama/sweat pants (Banana Republic, Old Navy, GapBody, Express, Derek Heart brands)

6 pairs of jeans (3 Gap, 2 Old Navy, 1 Levi)

2 hooded sweatshirts (Old Navy & Champion, 1 fleece pullover (Old Navy), 1 sweatshirt (Old Navy), 1 light sweater (Gap), 1 heavy cable knit sweater (Gap), 1 bikini (La Blanca), 13 various tops (Gap, Apt. 9, Charlotte Russe, H&M, Express, Mudd, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Flutterbye, New York & Company).

So basically I am writing to say, I think I am set for a while!  Best surprise ever!!